Tuesday 18 May 2021

TCDB Trade: The Team That Shall Not Be Named


Just kidding. Redskins. Redskins, Redskins, Redskins. This trade is all cards of the football team that is named the Redskins. Redskins. Now that is out of the way, you ever find a card that you think "There is no way I don't have that card", then find out you don't. The above fits into that, "The Posse" as they were called, pretty crazy for that era to have 3 receivers all surpass 1000 yards in the same season.

Part of me screams "No more Heath Shuler cards!" while part of me whispers "Fleer Metal and 1994 are such good looking sets, you need them, and look at that throwback, you love throwbacks". 

In Gus I Trust, a couple weird partly acetate cards from the wonderful weirdness that was mid 90's Pacific.

You know what else made Pacific wonderful, cards of fullbacks and backup tight ends, such as these two with 36 combined NFL games between them.

This is a set I didn't even know existed until recently, 1996 Upper Deck Silver, borrowing the 1995 Upper Deck flagship design just with more foil. I still prefer regular 1995 UD.

Hall of Famer Champ Bailey with a different throwback and a cool gtoup shot with Fred Smoot & Ifeanyi Ohalete.

Finished off with a few sets I really like, 1994 SP, 2016 Donruss and the acetate 1999 SkyBox E-X Century.


  1. Lots of nice Maroon and Gold cards there. Love them SKINS.

  2. The "posse", such an early '90s name. I was an Art Monk fan and I remember they had a great trio but forgot what they were called.

    The Champ Bailey throwback is awesome. And I would have the same dilemma about Heath Shuler cards. Man I really thought the Redskins were reloading and ready to dominate with him and Desmond Howard.

  3. That Pro Set Power card is awesome!

  4. Dude if you have a list of haves or wants, I can destroy it if there's stuff like this left...QAPLAGCA at yahoo.com