Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Check out my Commanders???

The first COMC package of the year with some members of the franchise possibly to be know as the Commanders? Starting with a Boston Redskin, and the newest, oldest card in my collection, Pug Rentner from 1935 National Chicle. Pretty good score for $22 bucks, and a check of the "One of Every Redskin/WFT/???" project.

Less Vintage-y, but still vintage-y, Jim Snowden from 1968 and Jim Kerr from the beautiful 1962 Topps set.

A couple more "One of Every..." guys including a police issue Greg Manusky in the first Top Loader I have ever seen in that size.

Maybe not a mini-collection yet, but something that has interested me, cards with the wrong player pictured. Jaret Patterson with a photo of Sammis Reyes and London Fletcher with a photo of Rocky McIntosh. Reyes doesn't have a card yet, so this also fits into the "One of Every..." collection I guess.

Chase Young on acetate in the WFT throwbacks, and Dyami Brown with a very weird 80's looking card for the WTF collection.

and finally, another Super Bowl Signatures, my first Prizm version. I'm not really sold on these, the non-Prizm are just as nice, and Theismann already has a card in that version from the same Super Bowl, I would way rather see more new guys, like maybe Art Monk, Brad Edwards or any Redskins from Super Bowl VII.


  1. Sweet Pug! Anytime you can add a 1935 National Chicle card to your collection, it's worthy of a celebration.

  2. National Chicles are some of my favorites. I don't have a football one yet, though.