Friday 25 November 2011

CotD: 2006 Heritage Sean Taylor #80

Sunday will mark four years since Sean Taylor's death. Taylor was my favorite player, someone who gave hope to an organization that has had little hope since Dan Snyder took over. He had everything, size speed and natural instincts for the ball, and there is no reason not to think had he stayed healthy, that Taylor would have been a Hall of Fame player, and one the greatest to play the safety position. I remember following him from the Hall of Fame game in 2004 in which he intercepted two passes, returning one for a touchdown in his pro debut. As a Redskins fan it was exciting to his progression from a rookie having to earn his playing time under Joe Gibbs to a potential star earning his first Pro-Bowl invite in 2006. The 2007 season is when this really started to come together for Taylor and he was playing at an Defensive MVP level. Then tragedy struck and he was shot in his home during a home invasion and died in hospital the next day. I think one of the reasons we love sports is that it is an escape from real life, but this is one of those times when real life reminds you its always there. I still remember the 10 man defense to open the Buffalo game, leaving Taylor's safety spot empty to begin the game. Unfortunately the Redskins are on the road Sunday, but I hope whoever is covering the game with make some mention to remember #21.

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  1. So tragic. I loved Sean Taylor. He was my favorite player on my favorite football. I named my second son after him...Shawn Taylor Kohl.