Saturday 28 January 2012

Jhoulys Chacin 2012 Topps Preview

 After just seeing some early 2012 Topps Gold Rush on Padrographs I checked to see if there was a first look at a new Rockies card. Interestingly enough there was this Jhoulys Chacin card scanned. A really interesting picture and something different from the standard trading card photos, but like the 2012 base set, I am just not sure about it. As a Chacin collector this card is somewhat disappointing for two reasons, the first being my general dislike for horizontal cards, unless the photo really demands it (see 1971 Munson). The second reason being that Chacin is a very small part of the overall card, tucked into the corner, with the focal point being a blurry batter, although I do really like the Coors Field backdrop with the trees behind his arm. I was a big fan of 2011 Topps and the Diamond parallels, but 2012 just seems like a lazy retread, with gold instead of diamond. I will wait until I see more of the product to really dismiss it, but the longer I wait, the closer it gets to something more interesting coming out.


  1. I agree, this photo is just too weird for a guy's base card.

  2. I don't intend on chasing this set but that might change once I get some in hand.