Wednesday 18 April 2012

Mailday: 1977 Topps Mexican Frank Grant

A one card mailday bring me closer to completing probably my longest running project, the 1977 Topps Mexican Redskins team set. This is a crazy set to collect cards from and this Frank Grant gives me 17 of the 24 Redskins cards. One of the ones I need is the Eddie Brown, which is part of the "Dirty Dozen" and runs around $250. The 1977 Mexican set features the same 528 cards with the same pictures as the standard American set, but all the text is in Spanish and for the Redskins the team name is in red instead of white. The cards were issued in two card packs with gum, so many of the cards have gum stains and the sheets were cut utilizing a perforated system that left remnants of the perforations on the card edges.

There is a great website at that is loaded with information.

1977 American Frank Grant

1977 Mexican Back

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