Friday 27 April 2012

RG3 Era Officially Begins

Well, we got him, Shanahan has his "franchise" quarterback to groom in an attempt to save his reputation and Danny Snyder has his big off season splash that will sell more jerseys. Topps and Panini took the opportunity to pimp their products showing off the NFL's newest stars in the making. I still love the Prestige design, and like the Topps design, I just wish the Burgundy and Gold on the bottom was switched with the gold on the bottom. I am actually surprised how little I find myself caring about this, this seems a lot like a team jumping on the Cam Newton bandwagon after one season and trying to find one of their own. I do hope Griffin leads the 'Skins back to glory, but we have been through this before. After going through Heath Shuler, Desmond Howard, Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell, Jeff George, Brandon Lloyd, Adam Archuleta, Albert Haynesworth and the countless other personnel mistakes I have a reason to be a little jaded.

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