Wednesday 30 January 2013

The Obligatory 2013 Topps Post

"Oh what's that, 2013 Topps is out, why didn't anyone say anything about this?"

My excitement for the opening day of the 2013 baseball card season is pretty low, mostly because living in the middle of nowhere I have no way of getting my hands on any for a while, and in joining a group break I will wait for that before deciding on buying any more, but I will take time to share some thoughts on what I have seen so far. I love the design of the base cards, using the hat logo instead of the primary logo is a really nice move, as is the team color in the infield portion of the design. The photography is also very impressive in this set, Topps chose some really nice photos and did a good job with oddball things like retro jerseys and celebration shots. The design also leds itself well to parallels with the Emerald and Black borders looking really good, and as a Rockies fan I am going to try and track down some Toyz-r-us purple borders.

Now on the the bad, the pink and camo borders look bad, the camo might be ok with the classic green camo, but the desert camo is pretty boring. As a Rockies fan, player selection has always been a problem for me, and the Rockies getting 6 cards in pretty lame, but not as bad as the Astros with 5 and the Twins with 4. Seriously, in a 330 card set, there are only 4 twins cards? I am also not a fan of the 1972 design or "mini's" that don't fit into any pages I know of, so those are a write off for me and the rest of the inserts don't so much for me either.

Overall, Topps did a really good job with this set, most of my negatives are of the personal preference kind and not serious issues.

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