Monday 3 June 2013

A Couple Thoughts on 2013 Archives

I like the Archives line, as someone who enjoys custom cards, that's basically what this set is and as a Rockies fan it's interesting to see how Topps handles cards of players whose teams didn't exist when the original sets came out. I also love the return of the acetate Gallery of Heroes inserts, while I have yet to land one of these, early scans look pretty damn good. The 1983 All-Star inserts and Stadium Club Triumvirates look good as well and are a nice inclusion to the product. The autograph checklist doesn't do much for me other than Mickey Tettleton, and Ellis Burks as a Red Sox and not a Rockie is a little disappointing, but Archives never uses retired Rockies so no big surprise. The Heavy Metal autographs are a joke, first off, save the non-sports crap for Ginter, secondly the checklist is all Glam Rock other than Scott Ian, I'm sorry, but when I think of Heavy Metal, I don't think of Kip Winger, how about a Tom Araya auto? My biggest problem with Topps right now, and this set is terrible for it, is the re-used photos (this was pointed out by Sportscards from the Dollar Store linked here.), All 4 Rockies cards have previously used images, and it really didn't take that long to find them.
2013 Archives and 2013 Heritage, not even trying that hard, same photo, same dead tree as the past two seasons of Heritage, and the facsimile auto looks nothing like Cargo's oOo6 signature.

At least these are not all base cards, but this photo has at least been used three times, 2013 Archives, 2012 Triple Threads and 2012 Five Star

A different crop, but the same photo, looks to be from the 2012 Heritage dead tree photo shoot that was reused for 2013 Heritage as well.

Same photo without the Gypsy Queen filter, same green shirt over his left shoulder.

As an added bonus, obviously the only known photo of Yogi Berra.


  1. I agree, this is clearly being done more and more. If you take a look at all of Griffey's cards since he signed a deal with Topps, they have used a few pictures 3+ times each. This isn't Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb - there are literally hundreds of thousands of pictures of Junior out there.

    Also - I pointed it out in a few of my Gypsy Queen posts, most notably Topps is really abusing this Tom Seaver photo (this one made it into their 1971 moments box topper in the Archives product this year, too).

  2. I didn't know Gallery of Heroes was back. Awesome - love that insert. I may have to pick up a few packs.

  3. It might have been my post that pointed out some of the re-used cards. I used COMC to hunt for images, so I didn't see the Rosario. I didn't use posed shots, which removed Caro and Fowler, and I didn't pull a Tulo card, so he couldn't count either. I also didn't count retired players either.

    I'm kinda tempted now to look up all the cards of active players to see how many are recycled from the past year or so.

    1. It was your post I was thinking of, I updated the post to reflect that, thanks.

  4. My biggest problem is that if you are going to use 4 Rockies, then why double up on the 1990 design. There are 4 designs, use 1 with each. But I guess this set is another reason why I am really falling away from cards this year. Topps only wants you to be a fan of a few select clubs and the rest are just supposed to be there for their fodder.

  5. Since Burks is one of my favorite Red Sox of all time, I'm glad he's not pictured as a Rockie. No offense.