Friday 6 December 2013

Check out my Rockies (Dec 2013)

Another COMC order, another edition of Check out my Rockies. These packages are always fun for me as I usually forget what I all bought so there are usually a few surprises. The highlight is the card to the right,the only card of Jim Leyland with the Rockies, from the 1999 Police issue set that was probably released as a stadium giveaway, coming from ebay via the COMC mail box service. I have never even seen a scan of the card before so it nice to have one find it's way to my collection.

Some Autographs, the Jayhawk Owens is numbered to 1,000 and I got it for $1.00, pretty happy with that as I am always on the lookout for cards of guys named Jayhawk. The Wilfredo Rodriquez is a refractor I probably overpaid for, but it fits into the Rockies catchers collection, and I finally got a David Dahl auto for a reasonable price from the gorgeous Bowman Inception line.
I don't usually collect minor league cards, but something about Matt Holliday playing third base was different enough to a pick up along with some Arenados and another David Dahl. Bowman Platinum is a set I really like the looks of, but haven't really got into, as a Rockies fan I really love the purple parallels.

Closser and Blanco for the catchers collection, I like the Blanco card as there are not many of him with Colorado. The Helton has a plastic credit card feel to it, with a D-Backs logo on it, of all the guys to have the wrong logo, it would be a guy that played in over 2,000 games all with one team. I was very high on Alex White after the Ubaldo Jimenez trade and have about 3 pages of his cards, I have no idea why I still collect him.

I just really like the look of the Darryl Kile card, same with the Astacio, I always liked how he looked in for the sign, leaning way over with his pitching arm swinging. Vinny goes into the acetate collection and the Helton is the first Topps HD card I have owned, a decent photo on a design that really lets the photo be the star of the card.

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  1. That's the first time I have ever seen that Jim Leyland card as well. Nice pick up. I am really jealous of the Blanco as well because I am trying to hit the Pacific team sets, including parallels, hard this year.

    The HDs are really cool. I have the entire team set from both years. They are all pretty good photography, but not much better than your average Stadium Club set. My one biggest complaint about them is that they are just a bit too thick for my preference.