Friday 13 December 2013

Snobby Trade

A quick trade post to catch up on, Paul over at The Baseball Card Snob was interested in a Granderson relic I had and I noticed he had a Brad Hawpe auto in his trade-bait. Trading a Yankee relic for an auto of one of my favorite players in Rockies history is pretty exciting for me. Hawpe's decline was pretty fast, always a streaky hitter, Hawpe lit it up in the first half of 2009, and might have been the All-Star game MVP if Carl Crawford had not robbed him of a go ahead home run in the 7th inning. 

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  1. Found your post while looking for something else. I, too, jumped on the Brad Hawpe bandwagon, but a bit earlier than you (I think). While vacationing in Nashville when Hawpe was playing for Colorado Springs, he hit one OVER the flagpole that sits atop the guitar shaped scoreboard at The Sounds stadium. I thought, "wow, this kid has something going." Funny part is, when the ball disappeared into the night sky, I mumbled something like "holy shit," and a kid next to me, maybe 10 years old, tugged at my sleeve and said, with all sincerity, "that's a bad word, mister." One home run, two memories.