Friday 24 January 2014

First Trade of 2014

The first trade of 2014, through the usual The main part being around a dozen 1971 style cards from 2012 Topps Archives. I completely ignored this set when it came out, but have slowly been chipping away at the '71's.

 The rest was mostly randoms for the part of my collection I call "The Keeper Pile", cards that don't really fit anywhere in my collection but are interesting enough to keep around. I feel 1986 is one of the more underrated designs and Pena and Tettleton were favorites of mine as a kid. Terry Puhl goes into the Saskatchewan born player collection and of all the packs of 1990 Donruss I opened of a kid, I never had a card of Pinch Hitter Wallace Johnson until now.
A Redskin, a Rockie, an Expos catcher and a two sporter in Danny Ainge finish of the trade.

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  1. Wow...Totally small world.. I happened upon a blog called Never Ending Checklist. It appears to be inactive since the last post was from October. I saw one of the links on his sidebar, I click it and it leads me here. What do I see in the first post??? The cards I just traded you! :) I had no idea this was Rosenort's blog. Pretty cool! I've added you to my blog list. Thanks again for the trade. -halos17