Monday, 7 July 2014

Mitchell Boggs - One of Every Rockies Misfit

A card I didn't realize existed until a bored search through ebay for Rockies. Mitchell Boggs shown as a member of my favorite team, the "Colorado Baseball Club". This was pretty easy to miss when it came out as I don't really pay attention to the unlicensed Panini stuff and Boggs only played in 9 games with the "Colorado Baseball Club", probably a case of Panini using up some stickers. After adding this to may massive saved search list, one came up located in Canada with free shipping. I was beyond happy to pay $1.29 delivered for this card.

After finding the original image, the thing that struck me as weird was that along with the hat logo, Panini Photoshopped out the pinstripes while removing the team name and sleeve logo. It would have made for a lot nicer card if they would have used a photo with the purple jerseys, making the card a little more "Rockies" and a little less "Colorado Baseball Club"

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  1. Not sure why he fell apart for the Redbirds. Shame I always liked him but man he went down hill in a hurry.