Sunday 19 April 2015

Check Out My Tek (Acetate Appreciation)

I was pretty excited when my order from arrived, it had been a long time since I got my stash shipping and it included all my mailbox service cards, including all my Topps Tek. I was excited to post them until I saw how crappy my scanner makes them look, but I felt the need to show them off anyway. The one that did show up was the "Disco-fractor" auto of Carlos Gonzalez, numbered to 50 and on card.

You know you are getting older when the players you watched as a kid start showing up a "retired stars", but I will never complain about pickinh up an on-card of the Big Cat.

Eddie Butler with the sweet Rockies Spring Training alternate logo hat, but wait, there's more
all 6 base pattern variations, I got pretty lucky getting the rare one for cheap once the set came out, also I don't think there are many bidding wars for Eddie Butler cards yet. I really like what Topps did with Tek, and with 2015 being announced it looks like enough people share that feeling.

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