Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Working my way through a large boc from that also included a pile of mailbox service cards. Starting with Sean Taylor, I try to add a Taylor card whenever I can, this one numbered to 150 from 2005 Leaf Certified Materials, a set that really suffered from parallel overload.
I was never a fan of Brian Orakpo, he seemed to be an over-rated, under-producer who had trouble staying healthy, but this card was too cool to pass up, while I don't actively collect Pro-Bowl cards. I like the fact they still wear the team helmets.

Kicker cards didn't used to be rare, I have a very large stack of Chip Lohmiller cards as proof, but now they are pretty rare, from what I can tell 2011 is the last time a Redskins kicker appeared on a card, the first since John Hall in 2006, and the first solo card since Eddie Murray in 1995. Or course part of that is the Redskins haven't had a steady kicker since Lohmiller. This is a fake relic, but a pretty cool card.
If kicker cards don't get you excited, how about O-Lineman. Ray Brown was a Redskins from 1989-1995 and again from 2004-2005. 
Some Stephen Davis acetate action, Davis has some very good years in Washington, but is largely forgotten as a result of being on bad teams.

More acetate with Jawan Jamison who was drafted in the 7th round and cut before playing a regular season game with the Redskins, according to he is tied with me with career NFL games played with zero.
and old Bob Griffin, I usually avoid buying Griffin cards because, lets just say he rubs me the wrong way, but this is the only card I have found with the throwback "leather" helmets.

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  1. So I take it your more of a Colt McCoy fan? I've got some old Skins I'll pack in for you.