Monday 24 August 2015

August 2015 Sportlots Mailday

 Another card from high on the wantlist to cross off anong with a couple fillers, the reason for the order was a Private Stock Ben Petrick mini. Being a Rockies catcher automatically earns you a spot in my collection. I you are not familiar with the story of Ben Petrick it is worth find out more about. I have gone into it in the past so I will just give a link for the interested.

More Rockies with an Angel Echevarria 1994 Bowman rookie card, a personal favorite from the Colorado teams of my youth, apparently led the NL with 4 pinch hit home runs and 14 pinch hit RBI and once pinch hit for Todd Helton. Mike Zolecki, who is just ahead of Mike Zuanich for the last name on the "Rockies that never were" checklist.

An interesting Mike Hampton press conference shot, it's sad this was probably the highlight of his Rockies career. This is my first Upper Deck Ovation card, a little thicker with raised seams, a really nice card.
Some 1994 O-Pee-Chee, a set I didn't even know existed until a few years ago.

Somewhat of a zero year Rockie, Braulio Castillo was drafted by Colorado 70th overall in the expansion draft, then traded was to Houston. He does have Rockies cards in an oddball playing card set, but both those cards have Freddie Benavides pictured.

1991 All-World CFL Joe Theismann from his pre-Redskins days with the Toronto Argonauts, if it wasn't weird enough to get reasonable shipping and a CFL card from an American seller,

I got a french version of Ted Wahl, so the regular English version is still on the wantlist. He was before my time as a CFL fan, and google provided little other than mention as one of the worse Rider quarterbacks ever, his 20-52 passing (38.5%) for 201 yards do leave a lot to be desired.

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