Saturday 20 May 2017

Custom Card: 1988 Topps Stephen Cardullo

A small tribute to the recently released Stephen Cardullo in the form of 1988 Topps. Cardullo was signed by the Rockies before the 2016 season after 4 years of independent league baseball, winning the Canadian-American Association MVP in 2015. He eventually earned a call-up and hit two home runs, one in each game of a double-header, on his birthday (disappointingly no Topps Now cards though). Earned a spot in the 2017 roster mostly due to Ian Desmond being hurt. Not a household name, but a great story, Purple Row recently has a great article on him that is worth the read.


  1. Cool card. 1988 Topps looking about as good as it can with those colors. Sadly, the Rockies released Cardullo on Thursday.

  2. Very nicely done!

  3. That looks great! I love his story, and hope he makes it back at some point and finds success in the bigs.

  4. Is this card available for purchase??

    1. It can be, you can find my email in my profile.