Wednesday 10 May 2017

Recent COMC Order

COMC mailday also means my other online purchases come though the mailbox service, the above Rocket Ismail autograph was liberated and returned to it's rightful home in Canada. This was when the CFL was a big deal with Wayne Gretzky, Bruce McNall and John Candy buying the Argos and signing The Rocket to a big deal. This is from the 1991 All-World set that might beat any junk wax era in terms of production. Oddly the 100 card base set has 10 Rocket Ismal cards, not including the above auto and a Promo card.

Sticking with football, a couple Redskins. Stanley Stephens' only NFL card, which is one more than his career NFL games played. I couldn't resist the Rated Rookie Josh Doctson or the crazy Panini Unparalleled Su'a Cravens or the tobacco size Stephen Davis, a rarity for football.

Some results of my recent basketball kick, I love the NBA version of Donruss (not sold on the white for the baseball set). Some decent additions to the Jason Williams collection with the refractor of his Stadium Club rookie, and an acetate Eyes of the Game.

A weird holdover from my youth is collecting Sharks goalies, they were the first expansion team that I remember and I think I liked the uniform. It seems bizarre that I remember a 21 team NHL.

Yes, there were Rockies cards, my parallel obsession continues with Trenidad Hubbard Press Proof for my almost complete Trenidad Hubbard Rockies rainbow and a really cool Vinny Castilla Ultimate Victory. The Jon Gray is not a parallel, but a cheap, acetate rookie auto was too good to pass up.

Some non-Rockies, Storen was the last 1971 style I needed from 2012 Archives, and the 2009 Japanese Sega cards just because they are weird and the seller had a good sale going on.

Of course, there would be Gypsy Queen as well, Arenado is a photo variation, Vernon Wells was a random I must have added to a larger offer and the rest are short prints.


  1. Pretty cool rocket signature. I wonder how long it took him to sign 1600 of those bad boys. The Sharks do have one of the cooler uniforms of the newer teams. I remember a twelve team NHL.

  2. Great variety in this here order - love those Sega CardGen cards!