Friday 6 October 2017

Custom Card: 2017 Panini X/R Football - Jon Garland

Panini is doing some really nice things design wise, and once in a while a design really catches my eye and makes me wonder what it would look like as a baseball set. Panini X/R football came out recently and I really liked the design so as an exercise to keep my graphic design skills in use, I tries to recreate it. It's not perfect, but after playing with the layout, I still really like the design, I have said it before, but Topps is light years behind Panini in my eyes, especially with a lot of ugly 2017 sets, including the terrible flagship and the first looks at 2018 flagship are pretty rough as well.

Jon Garland would fit into the Short Term Stops if he actually had a Rockies card as he started 12 games in his last year in the majors, and this checks off another from my project of making customs of Rockies without cards.

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