Monday 4 December 2017

My First Pack Pulled NBA Auto

As usual, my rare LCS trip for supplies and my feeling of obligation to buy some packs there. I was hoping for some new NBA Prizm, nope. Rookies & Stars Football? Nope. Panini Playoff Football? No 2017, but there were packs of 2016 left. I didn't even look at the baseball, between the usual poor selection and my lack of interest in most things Topps is wasn't worth a look. 2017 Hoops was the best pick, it was newish and with lots of Kings rookies, worth a shot.

Zero Kings cards, but a couple inserts, the We Got Next is very nice, I will hopefully pick up more of those.

Another really nice looking card, a real subtle shiny foily thing, another insert set I hope to add more of.

Almost a very cool card, Kobe with a Hornets hat, but the Lakers logo. Swap that out with a Hornets logo and you would have a very cool zero-year card.

Lastly (although it was in the first pack I opened), pretty good for only buying 4 packs, an auto of Jusuf Nurkic. Not a King or a big money card, but pretty cool to finally pull an NBA auto, and it's of a team that I have a trade partner for, so this will find a home where it is appreciated rather than forgotten in one of my boxes.


  1. Some Kings cards from 17-18 Hoops should be in your hands shortly.

  2. Congratulations! I no longer remember who my first pack pulled autograph was in the NBA, but I do know it was from the 1996-97 Autographics set, during that season.