Friday 27 September 2019

Cleaning out the Hockey Heavy Scan Folder

A combination of trades and parts of a few Sportlots orders that got scanned and never posted, until now. Starting off with a couple Bruins goalies, Jeff Hackett still in his Montreal gear, then with Bruins stuff and Peter Skudra on his only Bruins card.

Some old school Stadium Club, Brent Ashton with my favorite Bruins throwback jersey and Reggie Lemelin in his signature Aeroflex equipment.

I have always loved the Stadium Club backs, especially the hockey ones, the only complaint being the cards shown are the first Topps cards with most players having earlier OPC rookies.

A Summit Ice parallel of "The Lach Ness Monster", Blaine Lacher, who was a big deal for a short while, then faded into obscurity.

The last of the goalies with a few Sharks, Seamus Kotyk who was actually a Bruins draft pick but never ending up playing in the NHL and Antti Niemi on a hard to scan Black Diamond.

Two new Cam Neely cards putting me at 218 and in the top spot of Neely collectors on TCDB.

More Bruins as I half-ass start on a One of Every Bruin project including Ken Baumgartner from Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Even more One of Every Bruin guys including the absolute beauty of a Doug Mohns card.

Joe Thornton on a rare tobacco size hockey mini.

The lone baseball in the folder, Rockies catcher Jeff Reed, Chuck Knoblauch looking weird in a Royals uni and Jose Fernandez on my favorite card of his.

Finally, ending with some football, a 2012 Prestige set need, Shane Collins on a set I just rediscovered 1992 Collector's Edge and a new Sean Taylor.

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  1. I remember the hype over Lacher back in the mid 90's. That was during the peak of my hockey card fanfare. As a Sharks fan, I've gotta admit... I've never heard of Seamus Kotyk, but I sure enjoyed watching Niemi on numerous occasions at The Shark Tank.