Monday, 2 September 2019

Remember Ray Bourque? He's back... in pog form!

Cleaning out the scan folder and combining a few trades. Why was a Ray Bourque pog on my wantlist? The answer being at some point I picked up Bruins pogs from the 1994-95 set, but was missing 4 from the team set, now I only need 3.

I even at some point found an ultra-pro page for them, here the are in all their 1990's glory, if anyone has a Vincent Riendeau for trade let me know.

New Cam Neely cards for the collection,

and more Neely, always nice to knock off a few from his playing days and weird to see that I actually still needed some of these.

Some random Bruins with a beauty dufex Riendeau sporting the rare painted two peice helmet combo, Steve Staois and second generation Bruin goalie John Grahame.

Some new Redskins with rookie Terry McLaurin and Mason Foster showing off another excellent 2019 Score photo choice.

Some 2019 Topps base needs including the Tulowitzi which will probably be both a "short term stop" and a sunset card.

Continuing to borrow other people's ideas for PC cards, Derek Norris with a "Zero Year" Nationals card, along with Kyle Freeland from the criminally underrated Diamond Kings set, and Mike Hampton with a rare baseball press conference card.


  1. Haha..awesome Simpsons reference!

  2. Bruins POGs? Any idea how these were distributed? Just curious if they made any San Jose Sharks POGs.

    1. Not sure on distributed, there is a full 384 "pog" set, usually listed as "Canada Games NHL POGS".

    2. Dang it. Looks like I'll have to start hunting for some Sharks.

  3. I went for the pogs. Now that I'm collecting hockey I'll need to add these to my collection someday. Finding pogs is actually tricky these days.