Sunday 8 December 2019

COMC Nov 2019

Another glorious COMC mailday with a good amount of mailbox submissions. My new obsession, Panini Super Bowl Signatures. Starting in 2015 these were inserted in products, often unannounced, and continuing into 2019, all sharing the same design and all on-card. The Mark Rypien is new for 2019 and one of my favorite cards of the year, Mike Alstott was probably my favorite non-Redskin going back to his Purdue days, so picking on an on-card of a Hall of Fame fullback is a nice add. The Charles Mann is from 2015 and knocks my Washington needs down to two.

More autos, all on-card again, another Hall of Famer with Champ Bailey, a great looking card for a reasonable price, another Mark Rypien and Terry Mclaurin, who looks decent among the mess that is the 2019 Redskins.

A few parallels of Skins QBs, Rodney Peete, Alex Smith Spectra for the slowly building rainbow and a Couple Case Keenums.

The last of the Redskins with John Riggins for the weird Enor updates to the original set, Pat Palmer for the One of Every Redskin and a shiny new Bryce Love

A couple Rockies prospects, Grant Lavigne was high priced last year, but has come down and Tommy Doyle for 75 cents was too good to pass up.

Gold parallels, Ben Petrick and my favorite current Topps parallel, Stadium Club Chrome Gold.

More parallels, 2019 Opening Day Red, 2014 Red Hot Foil, 2009 OPC Black and a action photo variation from 2017 Heritage.

Some random baseball, a Gypsy Queen short print, a very Random Lance Perishable from Flopps which was a weird Pro Set offering, and Pablo Sandoval for the position player pitching collection.

Finished off by a few hockey, short-term stop Marcus Johansson and a classic 80's goalie on a modern card in Rogie Vachon, back when a plain white mask looked just a good as painted.


  1. That Champ Bailey is beautiful. And I love Mark Rypien and his signature. I never even knew about those Super Bowl Signatures.

  2. Agree with Trevor. That Bailey is sweet! Love the Alstott too.

  3. Nice pickups, especially the autos. And I have to agree the Bailey is really sharp!