Monday 20 January 2020

First Trade (and post) of 2020

A couple things to get out of the way, happy 2020 to everyone and in absence of a big post I just want to thank everyone who reads, trades and sends cards, not everything gets posted here, but everything is appreciated, thanks to all.

One to the cards, starting with my love of re-printed cards, there is something I just don't like about putting old cards into team binders, so when I can add modern cards of old players I am a happy camper. These are both beauties (the Leach I actually have the vintage card) from 2001 Archives.

and a couple more from the same set with two future GMs, Mike Milbury and Glen Sather.

My first Dwayne Haskins card from one of my favorite brands in Panini Prestige.

Some more Prestige with a couple color rush Rams that just missed out on the Frankenset.

and a couple more Frankenset runners up with a Fullback, personal favorite Eric Turner and a short-term stop Punter.

Some baseball with the last non-short print needed for 2019 Gypsy Queen, and an addition to the goalie mask catcher collection.

and a few Rockies with forever prospect Choo Freeman, J. Owens before he was Jayhawk and a couple metal cards where the back is nicer than the front.

and lastly a different package, a "Pay it Forward" PWE with a new PC project in Mike Morgan, I am still not sure why the Brandon Cromer was on my want-list, and one more to check off the 2012 Prestige short prints.

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  1. The 1954-55 Topps hockey design is pretty awesome!