Monday 24 August 2020

BaseballCardStore - Baseball Pick-ups

The last of the order, the baseball cards, starting with a couple of the better photo selection for the Rockies from the last couple years.

Some random Rockies with a very classy looking Jason Jennings from Donruss Classics, my first Colton Welker card, and a card I love, a weird Rockies player from a weird set in Darryl Hamilton on a Revolution card.

I don't do much for minor league stuff, but I will do cards of Jon Gray, Grant Lavigne and pretty much any Yard Goat.

James Avery, a rare Saskatchewan born player, although he never did make the Big Leagues, I will take any Raining Blood parallels for a dime along with any Carlos Delgado in catchers gear I don't have.

Two more 1971 minis from 2013 Update bringing me up to 38/50 for the set.

Speaking of minis, a mix of brands and years to scratch the tobacco size itch left from Gypsy Queen dropping this size.

and finally a small stack of 2011 Gypsy Queens, I still love these and will pick them up when I can, weird to see current Rockies pitcher, Daniel Bard in a 2011 set.

So there it is, the results of my virtual dime box dig, 10 out of 10 for site, would order from again.


  1. I've got a stack waiting there, planning to do one more order and have them all shipped. You've given me some ideas about what to search for.

  2. James Avery... Must find cards of him. lol

  3. Wish I had more free time to browse their site. It's a great place to pick up set needs.

  4. That Gray is one of my favorite cards ever. Nice pickup!