Thursday 6 August 2020

July 2020 Trade Round-up

A couple trades to clear out the scan folder, starting with a couple Frankenset near-misses from 1995 Pinnacle, Ricky Proehl in the Cardinals throwbacks from 1994 and Dan McGwire from his one game stint with the Dolphins.

Some 2000 Topps football with Norman Miller this is kind of a Redskins card, Ron Powlus and another near-miss with Antonio Freeman in the snow.

Also not making the cut, Braylon Edwards throwback, true Fullback Marc Edwards and a gem with Warren Powers from 1991 Pro Set Platinum.

A couple Redskins including a sweet Reggie Brooks throwback

and a more Fullback action with Mike Sellers and Larry Bowie.

A couple random baseball from 2019 Update including one for the Pitchers batting collection.

Mustache Hall of Famer and briefly Rockies catcher Sal Fasano

and finally a few 2018 Gypsy Queen singles for the never-ending set build.

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  1. I remember the hype over Powlus when he was in high school. And gotta imagine Giants fans are chasing down that Yaz rookie card. He's off to a great sophomore start.