Thursday 3 December 2020

These scans have dust on them.

Sometimes I tell myself I am super organized, sometimes I put files in folder to keep them straight, and then totally forget about them for months. This is the case here with a package from oldest friend of the blog, Mr. Buckstorecards. As always a nice stack of cards with too many to scan them all, but a few highlights made it to the scanner, starting with a straight black patch of David Krejci and a very rare brand for me, Ray Bourque from The Cup.

Some old school Bruins, showing guys without helmets, and a new Saint Robert which is always a big score.

and some more modern B's with Pasta, short term stop Marcus Johansson and an Acetate Saint Patrice.

Some nice Rockies stuff, a die cut Grant Lavigne, Doug always seems to manage to send some Panini Chricloes, which I love, this one a Prizm Ruby Wave of Ryan McMahon and a Brendan Rodgers rookie card.

Some 2020 Score Redskins including and auto from Randy Moss' kid.

some bad weather cards that may end up in the frankenset

and finally some Kings from the era I was really into the NBA, both fall into the awesome card, bad scan category.

As always thanks for the great package, a return one is already on it's way.


  1. Cool cards! That Bergy Ice and the Packers/Giants snow cards are neat.

  2. There's a part of me that wants to go and track down some nice Jason Williams cards for my collection. Some of those no look passes were straight up crazy.

  3. Return package has arrived. I'm already setting cards aside for the next one heading west.

  4. nice Redskin trio! not much of a hockey collector, but i LOVE the photography in them. Always top notch!