Sunday 31 January 2021

Kind of like a Wake (or getting drunk and listening to "Pictures of You" by The Cure)


If you came here expecting a big hate filed rant on the Rockies front office, sorry. Just me going through my Arenado cards and uploading some of the better ones and ones I like. On to greener pastures, continued health and a few more victories with an org that seems to have some idea what they are doing. Domo arigato, Mr. Arenado.

I am pretty sure these were redemptions, so I got them pretty cheap and redeemed them.

Love the Casper Ghosts, also not a big PSA guy, but a 9 was cheaper than raw at the time. Also how nice is that Select card.

More Panini goodness with tie dyes, zebras and dinosaurs.

Amazingly nice gold parallels, the 2020 is currently being packaged by COMC and I am told I can expect it sometime in April.

I really need to get some of this stuff into top loaders,

I mean, seriously, note to self, top loaders.

Now please excuse me as I go buy a Cardinals hat (not really).


  1. Awesome Arenado collection! And best of luck finding reasonably priced top loaders ;D

  2. Truly great Arenados!! I love the Panini dinosaur card!

  3. What a sick Arenado collection! I'm a huge fan of 2013 Topps Chrome - I think the Purple Arenado parallel might be the single most beautiful card ever made. I'm not kidding. Purple parallels are weird 99% of the time, the exception is when they're Rockies cards.

  4. Fantastic collection! I love the black refractor auto, it's just slick looking. The purple parallel is a winner, too. I love color-matching cards.

    Really sucks that the Rockies traded Nolan for pennies on the dollar, but any excuse to listen to The Cure is a good one if you ask me!

  5. I know I need to write this post of my own, but I just...can't right now.

    I really like that 2014 Opening Day Blue.