Monday 12 July 2021

Football Frankenset - July 2021

Trevor Story didn't win the Home Run thingy, so here is a Frankenset Post

009 -  1995 Stadium Club - George Koonce
I love Linebacker ready to strike pre-snap pics, I also love these gross Green Bay throwbacks. While I am loving things, I love that this completes the first page in the binder of the physical Frankenset.

012 -  2010 Prestige - Roddy White
How much do I love the Falcons red Helmet throwbacks? Stay tuned, also bonus points for the random Bucs dude giving up on life in the background.

049 -  1995 Pinnacle - Terance Mathis
Throwback on Throwback violence with a Kurt Gouveia cameo on a Terance Mathis touchdown. The Falcons would win this week 4 match-up as the Skins would go 3-13 and the Falcons would finish 7-9.

116 -  1994 Stadium Club - Bern Brostek
Every time I see a card like this, I wish we still got cards of Centers, a great down the line shot with a random Falcon cameo. Also Bern might be the most Offensive Lineman name I have ever heard and is unexpectedly a native of Hawaii.

174 -  2012 Topps - Nick Barnett
Well... Dracula called, and he's coming tonight for you, and I said okay.

211 -  1993 Collector's Edge - Harry Swayne
O-lineman, bad weather game, and Darth Vader visor, this one is a winner. Also the early Collector's Edge sets were sneaky amazingly good.

229 -  2014 Upper Deck - Stephon Tuitt
This one is a short print that took a while to track down, totally worth it for the crazy facemask that I don't think the NFL would allow for some weird reason.

276 -  1994 Collector's Choice - Reggie Roby
A beauty of a punter card, bonus for the little position logo in the bottom right even though the logo dude is seriously lacking on the follow through.

338 -  1994 Fleer Ultra - Clay Matthews
Another great junk wax set and the third and best version of the red helmet throwback in this post, the matching red top. Also a member of probably the only father/son duo in the Frankenset. (I'm sure the is a Matthews Jr. in here somewhere.)

339 -  1994 Fleer Ultra - Tony Smith
Back to back red throwback action, also a rare KR/PR position designation.


  1. Tuitt's facemask is awesome! As for Barkevious... one of my co-workers named her fantasy football team after him a few years ago. I think they were called The Barkevious Bunch or something like that.

  2. This is probably not the right time to be talking about Barkevious Mingo in a light-hearted way. He's recently been accused of some extremely bad stuff.

    1. Yikes, didn't hear about this, he is now gone.

    2. Oh man. Hadn't heard the news, but just looked it up. Very sad.

  3. Reggie Roby cards are always cool, and that red Falcons helmet was my favorite back in the day. I've got to get some of those '94 Ultra cards.

    Those Packers throwbacks really are ugly. I have way too many cards with them in my binder.