Friday, 30 July 2021

Blogger Reading List broken?

EDIT 8/3/2021: Seems to be working now, hope it stays.

 My reading list now only shows this, can I fix this, is there another way to do this? WTF?


  1. I've been having problems with this too. It happened to me a few times yesterday. I just try back later and it works. Very annoying though. I hope they work out this issue.

  2. This is happening to me as well. I've seen it work only one time all week.

    I just manually transferred all my subscriptions over to Wordpress one-by-one. We'll give that a try. Perhaps the blog itself will follow.

  3. I’m having the exact same issue. Very frustrating!

  4. Yes what is going on, because I lost my reading list too.