Sunday 3 October 2021

Football Frankenset - Oct 2021

 It's football season and the Skins Football Team won so why not

150 -  2019 Prestige - Antonio Brown
A first ballot entry to the Zero Year Hall of Fame, and the third appearance for Antonio Brown although both others have been bumped.

166 - 2018 Panini Classics - Jim Otto
O-Lineman, Check. Weird number, Check. U-Bar facemask, Check. Neck Roll, Check. Hall of Famer, Check. Two first names, Check. Palindrome last name, Check.

171 - 1994 Upper Deck - Ronnie Lott
I like to think the person that cropped this left the Raider logo on purpose.

277 - 1995 Topps - Anthony Smith
Throwback on throwback violence from a classic AFC match-up.

297 - 2010 Score - London Fletcher
The pre-color rush all-Ketchup uni's from a week 11 loss in Dallas for a bad Jim Zorn team.

313 - 1993 Topps - Leroy Hoard
Big shoulder pads and lots of dirt.

315 - 2010 Topps - Armanti Edwards
Great shot from the Rookie photoshoot and a player with a pretty good CFL career.

318 - 2004 Topps - Robert Gallery
Not-so great shot from the rookie photoshoot.

397 - 2010 Topps - Pat Angerer
A Linebacker named Angerer, what more do you want in the late 300's?

589 - 1993 Topps - Greg McMurty
A nice ball-in-the-air shot with bonus points for the pile of snow in the background.

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