Wednesday 7 December 2011

CotD: 1969 Topps Larry Haney #209

WTF?? A left handed catcher, you don't see that everyday, or at all. The real WTF here is that Topps reversed the photo, Haney actual throws right just like almost every other catcher. What makes this even more obvious is that Topps used the exact same photo for Haney's 1968 card, only the 68 is not reversed. I have no idea why they would reverse the photo instead of just moving the circle with the name and position to the other side of the card. Other than that this is a pretty cool card, I like how he's geared up instead of the classic crouch with just a glove card pose, and it's a Seattle Pilots card, how cool is that (even though he's pictured as an Oriole). The nice shot of the old-school catchers gear and the weird photo mirror makes this a pretty cool card for catcher collectors (if they even exist other than me).

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  1. Actually, the 68 card is Larry's twin brother Harry. Topps screwed up with the name.

    I've got Larry, Harry, and some other identical twins you might enjoy right here: