Wednesday 4 June 2014

Chavez Ra-Trading

Nothing like trading some hated Dodgers cards away for some Rockies. A recent trade with Chavez Ravining did just that, I am sure he will enjoy the Majin Buu Hyun-Jin Ryu cards more that I would have. The purple Arenado really caught my eye, what Rockies fan doesn't love purple refractors. The Rosario is a nice numbered Archive parallel.

Another purple refractor, this time from heritage along with a mini of Trevor Story.
I usually dismiss Panini and their unlicensed sets, but these are pretty nice cards, the highlight being the back with the full and middle names, I seriously miss those.
More Panini, these are seriously nice cards, better than anything Topps has done with Chrome. It's a shame these have to have the airbrushed logos because this would be a seriously nice licensed set.
and my first taste of 2014 Bowman, I love the Sam Moll with the spring training alternate cap. Thanks for the awesome trade!

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  1. Glad you like 'em! I don't like the Rockies, but purple themed cards are always cool. Hope to do it again.