Monday 11 August 2014

Just 5 More Packs: 2014 Gypsy Queen

In a weekend trip to the LCS for supplies, the call of wax was too strong, and seeing packs of 2014 Gypsy Queen in a hockey based store proved to be to tempting to pass up. Even though I have completed the base set I still picked up 5 packs. The first pack I opened had one of the 4 hits in the box, and autograph Jake Odorizzi, not a big card by any means, but it was still nice to pull a hit from a loose pack.

 I also managed to pull two short prints, the Price I needed for my set, and the Donaldson I already had, so it's up for trade.
And the only serial numbered card, a black mini of Starling Marte. My love for black Gypsy Queen mini has been mentioned many times of this blog, so it was nice to pull this one. My 2014 GQ tradelist has been updated in case anyone is still working on this set.

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