Wednesday 3 September 2014

2014 Bowman Platinum Group Break Results

In deciding not to spend over $100 on a box on 2014 Bowman Platinum, I decided to try and jump in on a few box breaks to pick up some Rockies. I have done two previous box breaks, 2012 Archives and 2012 Heritage, both went poorly for me, but that was largely because I joined before I realized how poor the Rockies checklists for these sets were.

I was hoping this one would be different, but it was not. 6 boxes of Bowman Platinum yielded me very little. I did watch the break, and the breaker ran a good honest break. It was just the packs that were against me. I did get the base team set, but that is only the two cards to the right.

But no one buys Bowman brands for veterans, on to the prospects, these are all base and wow the collation is bad. Five each of David Dahl and Rosell Herrera and totally absent is Jonathan Gray. Six boxes, not one Jonathan Gray card. Even more annoying is that Topps used the same photo of Dahl that they did in last years Platinum. Same thing with Trevor Story, a different crop, but the same photo. Rosell Herrera is making his Platinum debut, but has the same photo as his Bowman Cream of the Crop mini. Eddie Butler 2014 Inception, you guessed it, same photo.
My parallels were limited to 3 "BPCP" refractors, 2 of which were Eddie Butler and another David Dahl.
The inserts, David Dahl making another appearance. I am so bored with die cuts

The seller/breaker did send something extra my way, a pack of 2014 Donruss series 1. Nothing huge, but it was fun to bust a pack. The highlight being a Jose Fernandez, a player I kind of collect, and my favorite thing about old Donruss is back, the full names on the back.

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