Saturday 20 September 2014

Recent Pickup (or why I don't break high end)

There are few things about Topps high end products such as 2014 Triple Threads that confuse me. One being why there are even base cards in the first place, do we really need another 100 card base set of the same players that are in every base set. Limit high-end to just autos and relics like Inception and be done with it. The second is why players like Mr. Franklin Morales here are included. While having and interesting career, coming up as a rookie starting pitcher for Colorado's World Series run in 2007. Later spending time as the Rockies closer and eventual World Series champ with the 2013 Red Sox, Morales is back with the Rockies as a 6th starter/longman, which in this season from hell puts him second on the team in starts and innings pitched. While this is a nice card, numbered to only 9 copies, even as a die-hard Rockies fan a collector, I only bought this card because of the spring training hat in the photo. I can't imagine the disappointment of a non-Rockies fan, pulling a Franklin Morales card out of a high-end product and selling it, to me, on ebay, for $3.26. Right now you can pick up a box of 2014 Triple Threads at Blowout for 164.95. Keep in mind that only gets you 14 cards. I hope that whoever pulled this Morales, the rest of their pack went a little bit better.


  1. Nice pick-up! The seller probably sold base cards from their box for more than the $3.26 you paid for this relic numbered out of 9.

  2. I don't think I will ever rip a box of high end product. For one, the money isn't there for the purchase. Number two, the odds aren't in my favor to what I want. Picking things up for cheap on eBay is so much better for the budget.

  3. Totally agree with Tom on this. I bought some Museum Collection this year. I won't ever do it again.