Monday 1 September 2014

Zistle Hockey Trade

There is starting to be a little more hockey finding it's way into my collection. The most recent Zistle trade was all hockey both ways. Most of my hockey cards are still at my parents house, probably including a couple copies of the card above. The Sharks were always my second team, after coming home from playing games over the winter, I could usually catch the end of the late west coast games, and I got a soft spot for the teal jerseys and the weird Latvian goalie with the equipment that looked like second hand store rejects.
San Jose is prett heavily represented in this trade, a few of these guys are from the years I didn't pay attention to hockey and Vernon I remember more from the Flames. I really like the Panini Elite and Black Diamonds, as I prefer the foil stock to the Chrome that Topps uses.
More goalies, another personal favorite in Mike Liut, a post-Sharks Irbe, and some hometown Saskatoon Blades featuring what I still think is the dumbest logo in history.

Of course there would be some Black and Gold, a couple more obscure short term goalies, the best thing about Andrew Raycroft was trading him for Tuukka Rask.
and finally something other than goalies, I will always take Cam Neely cards I don't have, as well as Jagr from his short time n Boston. Yan Stastny is the son of Peter, I honestly don't remember anything about Yan's career, but his dad is a Hall of Famer.

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