Monday 13 October 2014

Just when you thought I couldn't post any more of these

A pretty exciting addition to the collection, joining the 2013 Ramon Hernandez rainbow, the black printing plate used to make the cards. I know the magenta has been pulled and sold on ebay before I started this project and is probably stashed in someones collection, and I had all but given up finding one of the other three, so I was trilled just to get 1 of the 4, and who knows maybe the rest will pop up eventually.


  1. That's awesome! FINDING those printing plates alone can be a pretty tall order, let alone paying for them! I started really chasing the 2011 Topps rainbow for Chris Denorfia once I stumbled across the magenta printing plate on eBay. Still kicking myself for letting the black one get away when I didn't want to cross the $12 threshold. I picked up the magenta for half that, so I thought I could get away with a lowball bid, got sniped at the last second. Dumb.

  2. Awesome addition. Congrats dude!