Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Obvious Trade is Obvious

The only thing better than pulling a hit from your team, is pulling a hit of the team from your most frequent trade partner. Buckstore Cards pulled a Roughrider relic, I pulled a Ti-Cat relic. A little help from Canada Post and everyone is happy. An now with the Darian Durant-less Riders packing up their gear and going home, I am jumping on the Hamilton band-wagon behind former Riders Andy Fantuz, Craig Butler, Kent Austin and former Redskin Brandon Banks.

There was also some American football rounding out the package with some Redskins rookies, all three of these guys have shown brief moments and look to be a part of the rebuilt that must happen in DC.
A poorly photoshopped card of DeSean Jackson, who has been one of the biggest positives in the dumpster fire that has been the 2014 Redskins.
And a couple cards of Bob Griffin, a 2014 Certified numbered to 249 and a really nice 2013 Rookie & Stars that makes nice use of the team colors. Every time I get a Griffin card I am torn between putting it in the Skins box or on the dartboard. All this guy has done is been a star on social media and a waste of time on the field. A guy that has no field vision and the footwork of Uncle Rico. As a lifelong Redskins fan there is not much I can do but hope he gets better, but it looks like another long season in a almost lifetime of long seasons.

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