Monday 2 March 2015

Zistle Trade #38

More trades, this time trade #5 (I think) with hpennington22, the majority of the package was 2012 Prestige, a set that I am chipping away at slowly, rather than scan a bunch of base, here are 3 short printed rookie cards, one of the few times you will see Dallas or Philly pictured here.

Things get worse with a Dodger, but are offset by Tulo on a few throwback Mini's featuring 1972 and 1972 designs.
A blue Drew Pomeranz, because who doesn't need 40 different cards of a guy who went 4-14 with a 5.20 ERA with the Rockies, and yes this is really my 40th different Pomeranz, and yes, he was that bad with Colorado. The Chris Martin crosses him off the "One of Every Rockie" list.
A couple Expos to cleanse the palate of hated rivals, box store parallels and disappointing prospects. A Wayne Krenefjhkjki from 1987 OPC, and a Lenny Webster for the Catcher binder.

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