Thursday 18 June 2015

Reg Leach - 1 Card Mailday

A card that has been sitting as a BIN in my watchlist for about 6 months, finally, in either a moment of weakness or strength, became mine. After picking up the Bobby Orr a few months ago, this became my next target for the 1971-72 Bruins team set. This is was from what I could tell, the best non-graded card I could find, reasonably well centered, and actually very good for OPC, and with fairly sharp corners. Now that the card is in hand I am very happy with it, one small surface flaw under the 'S', but a really good looking card all in all.

Leach is much better know for being a member of the Cup winning Flyers team, playing on a line with Bobby Clarke and Bill Barber and leading the NHL with 61 goals in 1975-76, and adding a NHL record 19 more in the playoffs, being named the Playoff MVP despite losing in the finals.

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