Saturday 6 June 2015

Zistle Trade #42

A trade I have been meaning to post for a while, featuring what might by one of my favorite non-Rockies cards, a Tim Wakefield rookie. I still remember the 1992 postseason when he was a rookie coming off an 8-1 regular season (ok, I didn't remember his exact record), watching that knuckleball dance around. Sid Bream was out by the way.

Not a Rockies heavy trade, but these always need showing off, 1993 Leaf with one of the best card backs ever, I still put these in pages backwards. Armando Reynoso might be be remembered by some as the only Rockies player to wear 42 before it was retired, but I will always think of his amazing pick-off move for a righty, and his even better mustache.

another great card that needs to be shown front and back

a couple randoms, former Rockie, Omar Olivares wearing the first number I wore as a kid, 00, and Jose's little brother.

this card is so patriotic, I feel like busting out into "Oh, Canada" when I see it.

and of course some random Rockies, Tom Schmidt for the "Rockies that never were" collection, current bull-pen coach Darren Holmes and a sweet Gold Rush of Danny Sheaffer.

Thanks for the great trade.

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