Monday, 15 February 2016

First Taste of 2016 Topps

This post started out much longer, but there is really nothing new here, just some of my thoughts on 2016 Flagship, so I cut it down to the basics. My first and so-far only 2016 Rockies card, Chad Bettis. After going through the blaster I really like the design, I like the lack of a defined border, I like the hat logo instead of the primary team logo (CR vs. mountains for the Rockies). I like the foggy corners.

I won't spam you with base cards, but I did pull the Jose Bautista Bat Flip card, which is funny because my wife and I were talking about it the night before.

While I like the base cards, I really dislike most of the parallels, there is just too much going on in the fog with all the lines and dots.

While I dislike most of the parallels, I do like the foil versions, one of which I did pull.

My blaster specific card, Cal Ripken Jr. Prety nice card, but I don't collect Ripken so to ebay it went.

and probably my favorite pull of the box, John Smoltz waiting to be a pitcher at the plate on the very underrated 1996 Topps design.

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