Thursday 4 February 2016

Just Commons, The Rest and Some Thoughts

After showing off the catchers portion of my first JustCommons order, here is the rest. The Weiss above is by far the best looking card so it gets top spot. The one card I really wanted was in my cart, but I was informed after my order was processed that it was out of stock. I was refunded the amount for this card, and a few others they didn't have, but if I wish I had known that before my order was finalized. I found the cart system the used to be really lacking, leading me order cards they didn't have in stock and ordering 2 of a couple cards that I only needed one of.

I almost finished off my Rockies Archives base needs, in what would become a recurring theme, leaving me one card short.

Continuing with the retro theme a few Rockies from 2002 Upper Deck Authentics.

Some 1971 style cards from 2012 Archives, they didn't have the last six I still needed, but getting closer.

Some Pitcher at the Plate cards, including a pre-interleague American Leaguer Jim Abbott and a Don Robinson Silver Slugger award.

Some Gypsy Queen set needed, again they were missing a few of the 2014s I needed, leaving me short of the set.

and lastly some Baseball Canada cards with a rookie card of Mike Johnson, a veteran of international play for Canada.

Overall the feeling of this order was pretty "meh". I mentioned not liking the cart system above, as it left me without the card I really made the order for, somehow I messed up and ordered dupes of a few cards, ending up ordering a 1998 Pacific Andy Ashby instead of the 1993, both card #420, as was left short of finishing a few sets and projects. The plus side is that the selection is still pretty big, and the shipping to Canada was $5.00, which is probably less than the actual shipping cost. So some good, some bad, sticking with my "meh" and will probably stick with COMC and Sportlots for most of my single card purchases.


  1. I've had a few missing cards with Just Commons orders as well. The system is a little clunky and slow at times, and you have to pay attention to what you're adding to your cart. I've doubled up on cards before too.

    I love the selection and the prices. Some cards are as cheap as 5 cents, so I can get them for a quarter of the minimum price on SportLots, and I can usually make an order big enough for free shipping if I order just once a year from them for all of my basic card needs.

    The missing cards issue is a bit of a pain. Thankfully the seller notifies me when cards aren't there, but since I'm living in Japan I really can't verify the accuracy of the order when it arrives. So I have to keep a list of cards that are Just Commons orders to keep track of what I "have" versus what I have.

    I don't think the ghost cards in the system is a result of a bad ordering system though. I think it's an inventory control issue. Cards may have been pulled for non-Just Commons orders (least likely), incorrectly entered, or misfiled at the shop. I've had plenty of cases where SportLots orders have missing cards, including the key card in the order.

    The "safest" bet seems to be COMC, because they appear to have the best inventory control. But I'm happy using SL and JC combined several times a year.

  2. It's hard to beat the prices at JC. And with free shipping (US) when you hit $15, you can get a lot of bang for the buck. But I will agree that the shopping cart needs some work. I have ordered dupe cards in the past. Never had an issue of a card being out of stock (yet).

  3. David Cone looks hitterish. He did have a couple of good years with the Mets. He also hit .250 in the World Series, 3-12.

  4. In the only time I ordered from there, I had both dupe cards ordered as well as having a couple out of stock cards. The thing is, though, that the prices are so good and the free US shipping makes it worthwhile to live with some kinks.

  5. I think every order I've made with Just Commons has had at least one out of stock card in it. They always refund me the difference, but it can be frustrating, especially when you're set building. I've ordered plenty of duplicates, too, due to the odd shopping cart. I'll still probably make a couple of orders with them each year because the prices are so good and the selection is pretty large.