Friday 5 November 2021

Football Frankenset - Nov 2021

 Enough in the scan folder to post, so here we go

#60-  2020 Rookies & Stars - Allen Robinson
Best post one-shell rule throwbacks by far, great helmet, great jersey, great socks.

#148 - 2002 UD MVP - John Carney
Over 302 NFL games Carney had 2 rushing attempts, only 1 prior to 2002, so this looks to a be a loss of 1 yard on a 4th and 10. Kickers doing non-kicker things are awesome and I will always try to sneak them in.

#154 - 2009 Philadelphia - Troy Polamalu
Hey, its the guy from the shampoo commercial. 

#155 - 2019 Plates & Patches - David Tyree
One of the most famous plays in NFL history, the only bad thing is that it's too thick for a binder page.

#173 - 2009 Upper Deck - Lofa Tatupu
I don't love entrance photos, but put an American flag in there and I am sold.

#182 - 2021 Score - Derrick Henry
The first 2021 with a beauty bad weather card knocking out Albert Haynesworth with the Patriots

#186 - 1992 Ultra - Eddie Anderson
A big collision on Fleer Ultra, a somewhat underrated brand.

#234 - 1993 Skybox Premium - Mark Duper
A kind of Zero Year card as Duper never played for the Eagles, but I don't really count it unless he is in their uniform. The old-school mask and snow on the back helped secure a spot though.

#309 - 1990 Pro Set - Mark Carrier
Creamsicle jerseys, creamsicle border and a nice in-game photo make for a pretty decent card.

#312 - 2015 Score - Aaron Rodgers
Sweet throwbacks on a guy that is turning out to be kind of a weird dude.

#444 - 1982 Topps - Tony Franklin
I don't see much "Action" going on here. I do see a barefoot kicker acting cool after the kick and the punter blowing it by being too excited.

#508 - 1992 Stadium Club - Mark Kelso
The 2nd Great Gazoo helmet sighting, you had to know Kelso was going to be in here somewhere.

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