Friday 30 March 2012

COMC Mailday, Pt III, Everything Else

Here is the rest of the big COMC order, after some math I averaged $0.90 per card for this order, shipping included, not bad for what I got, and the new "shipping experiment" saved me big time as compared to their old shipping costs. Some highlights for me, 2003 E-X Todd Helton, I love acetate cards, I have some 90's hockey acetates but really need to load up on baseball, I wish Topps would use acetate, it makes great cards. Next we have some mini's including a 2007 Ginter Tulowitzi rookie and some 2001 Private stock PS-206, just missing the Jeff Cirillo for the Rockies set. Followed by more for the one of every Rockie collection, including autos of Tim Olson and Jason Romano, and numbered cards of Marcos Carvajal (007/599) and Larry Bigbie (61/75) and a "not that" Nelson Cruz. Finally ending with a 1971 O-Pee-Chee Jim Hannan in good shape for a '71 OPC, a '71 Munson reprint to use as binder filler so I can display the one from the set, and the 1st series checklist as the one I have was partially checked off.  


  1. Replies
    1. The main selling point is that the cards ship from one place instead of individual sellers, its good for inserts/hit cards, but not great for singles. New sets take a few weeks to get onto the site so its better for older cards, high quality scans make buying vintage easier. They allow you to store cards you buy there so you can do bulk shipping, this order is about 6 months worth of purchases, its worth trying out I would say.