Friday 9 March 2012

Different Kind of Mailday

A non card related post, but still baseball related. I live about 200 km or about 125 miles from the nearest city, so most things I buy come mail-order. Today the newest installment of MLB: The Show arrived, just in time for me to leave for the weekend and not be able to play it until next week. I love The Show and it should hold me over until real baseball in April. I noticed had the new Pink Floyd represses so I ordered The Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl. The top corner is already bent as amazon apparently has no idea how to pack vinyl, but the record looks ok, I will have to spin it tonight to be sure though, and make sure I never buy vinyl from amazon again. Baseball cards, video games and record collections, I am really letting my nerd flag fly, good thing this blog is not designed to pick up chicks, because it would be a miserable failure.

As and added bonus I found a picture of my collection I had on photobucket, with mass randomness including a Jeff Bostic autographed helmet, a Napoleon Dynamite action figure, a coffee maker, a bud light box full of comic books graphic novels, a copy of "World War Z", the packaging from a Big Lebowski special edition that stores the DVD in a mini bowling ball and a lamp shade on a shelf. I should really have held a contest to pick out the most random crap, maybe I will take an updated photo as the randomness on the shelves has surely changed by now. There is also an autographed copy of "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman upping the nerd factor.

Records and a coffee maker that has no good reason being there and a door not in a doorway

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  1. I'm with you on all those. The video games, vinyl (Dark Side is a GREAT listen on vinyl) and the baseball cards, all big hobbies of mine as well.