Thursday 12 July 2012


Destined to be lost in the swell of Ginter posts just showing off some cards from a recent COMC order. First some auto's, Current Oakland Athletic and member of the 2007 National League Champs Seth Smith, followed by prospect Tyler Anderson, probably the worst looking auto in my collection and left handed specialist Mike Munoz rounded out with bat cards of Andres Galarraga and Matt Holliday. I think this is the only "relic" card of Galarraga with the Rockies.

Some random Rockies cards including a Brian Lawrence "Zero year" card, some Gypsy Queen's, the black mini's might be my favorite cards of 2012, an acetate Topps Tek and a Todd Helton card filled with goo and sparkles.
Some minor league Chris Iannetta Cards from three different teams/levels, just need a Sky Sox card now.
Roy Campanella from last years Gypsy Queen, probably my favorite single card of 2011 and some 1971 set upgrades.

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