Wednesday 4 July 2012

Trip to the LCS: Part 2 '71 Ryan

As well as the packs of Prestige I picked up on the weekend, I saw something in the display that caught my eye, the beautiful black borders of a 1971 and the Royal Crown advert in the background of a young Nolan Ryan. It has always been a toss up between this card and the '71 Munson for my favorite card of all time. Went my Dad gave me his old cards there was one of these in there, but this one is in a little better shape, but no mint by any means. There is just something very cool about Nolan Ryan as a Met, even though I am not really a Ryan collector of a Mets fan. When I asked the card shop guy if I could look it at and turned it over to see that bright yellow back, I was sold. A 1971 O-Pee-Chee Nolan Ryan, for only 20 bucks, I will take that every day even though I already had an OPC and a Topps copy. This card made the trip worthwhile for me and even in well loved condition I think 20 bucks was a steal.

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